Our Mission

Our mission is very simple ...

Make it easy for business owners to run their businesses and take control of their sales and marketing, without being a slave to admin.

Technology makes it very easy to run and grow a business these days. But if you don't know how to handle it, it will seem like a quagmire. So we make it easy for you, leaving you free to do the bits that you enjoy and automate the rest.


Generate New Leads

Part of growing a business is to get a steady flow of new leads and enquiries.

There's lots of ways to do that and the way you generate leads will depend on your business, your market and your experience.

Inbuilt to Connexions are a number of leadgen tools to put your inbound and outbound lead generation on steroids without the need for external experts.


Manage Existing Leads & Customers

Leads, whether they be old or new, are only as good as the sales effort and follow-up, that you put in.

Keeping track of all that can be hard. The CRM functionality, integrations and sophisticated automated workflows of Connexions can make it easy for you.

Our job is to get it set up right, from the start, so that it 'just works' for you.

High Level Foundations

Connexions is built using the High Level platform. But we've enhanced it, massively, with these extra integrations.

  • a B2B lead-finder tool for your sales team

  • 4-click Facebook ads

  • video email & more great video tools

  • custom integrations

PLUS, we build it out especially for your unique needs.

Are You Ready To Give It A Try?

Meet Our Team

The main members of the team that bring Connexions together.

Kate Davies


Walt B

Lead Gen Exec


Tech Guy